This is a very interesting atricle. Apple is not the same without Steve.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Google’s (GOOG_) management team is dancing around its new KitKat statue today, having dodged what could have been a competitive bullet or two from Apple (APPL) — possibly the new iWatch, iTV or even a new laptop. For heaven’s sake, they didn’t even announce a new iPad!

There was nothing new from Apple today that could stop Google’s market share march forward.

Another company that’s having a field day today: Nokia (NOK_). Apple’s new iPhone 5C is seemingly a flawless copy of the Nokia 620 that has already been available for several months.

Oh, and the price of that Nokia 620 is approximately half that of the iPhone 5C.

Fingerprint sensor? You mean the same thing I got on my Dell (DELL_) laptop in 2007? And on the Motorola (MSI_) Atrix Android smartphone in January 2011? If Apple’s latest claim to fame is to having copied a Dell 2007 laptop and a January 2011 Motorola smartphone, then Apple is in trouble.

Which is why Google is celebrating today.

Google’s Android and Chrome teams were already nicely ahead of Apple’s iOS team in terms of service integration, customization, ease of use and ability to ship a given grade of hardware at a much lower price.

Over the next few months, Google’s Android and Chrome teams seek to extend their existing lead over Apple. The company will introduce Android OS version 4.4 KitKat, a slew of new Chromebook laptops starting around $199, a Chromepad (touchscreen Chrome OS tablet) and next summer the first Chromephone (Chrome OS replacing Android on the smartphone). The pace of innovation at Google is simply faster than it is at Apple these days.

Even before Google unveils these new initiatives, look at how far Google is ahead of Apple in the smartphone race: At $549 unlocked for the iPhone 5C, it is $300 more than Google’s flagship smartphone, the LG Nexus 4, which sells for $249 SIM-unlocked, contract-free.

And the iPhone 5C only has only a four-inch screen, compared to the Nexus 4.7-inch screen. The Nexus also has a 768×1280 screen resolution, meaningfully higher than the iPhone 5C and 5S alike.

In another move of capitulation — not just copying Nokia’s design and the age-old fingerprint sensor of Windows laptops and Android smartphones — Apple went ahead and copied Google’s free productivity suite: Word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. This has been free from Google for years: Google Docs and Google Drive. Now it’s free from Apple too. But is it nearly as good as Google’s?

Back to the plastic iPhone 5C for a moment: Isn’t the point about this kind of plastic that it’s supposed to be relatively scratch-resistant, compared to the regular iPhone 5? No sooner did Apple show the 5C, before it also introduced cases for it.

Gee … and is that then a sign of confidence? Not.

For those of you who have recent Samsung (SSNLF) smartphones, whether the 2011 Galaxy Nexus or the newer Galaxy S3 and S4 models, you know that they are resistant to scratches and don’t require special cases. Have you seen anyone using a Samsung with a case around it? Me neither.

Apple has many dilemmas. The biggest among them is that it’s facing Android and Chrome competition from so many hardware players who move very quickly and with great diversity. You can get pretty much any kind of Android smartphone you want, in any size, with or without keyboard, stylus, this-or-that kind of camera, and so forth.

The other problem is price. Apple’s products are priced well above Google’s.

For example, the cheapest Apple laptop is $999. For that price, you can get one Google laptop, one Google smartphone and one Google tablet, yet still have $322 left! Here is how it all breaks down:

LG Nexus 4: $249 + Asus Nexus 7: $229 + Acer Chromebook: 199 = $677

So Apple is many times more expensive, just for the hardware. On top of that, Apple encourages you to buy an extended service plan, so that you can feel more comfortable on your weekly trek to the Apple store. This service plan can cost anywhere from $99 to $349 for each of your Apple devices.

Indeed, the Apple stores are very nice. The nicest stores of any kind. Basically, they’re all museums of modern art.

And Apple’s customer service is the best in the business. No bones about it. It sure beats all the old places that used to sell Windows PCs, such as Best Buy. (BBY_).

But you know what’s better than the best customer service in the world? No need for customer service in the first place, that’s what.

This is what Google offers with Android and Chrome. Google doesn’t need stores for customer service, because their products don’t require any customer service. They’re so easy to use, and they don’t fail. Synchronization is automatic. There is nothing complicated to set up!

Look, Apple’s hardware is pretty good. It’s beautiful stuff, and has great quality — just like Nokia — except that Apple just happens to have far more apps, which is the crucial difference.

However, when compared to Google, which has just as many apps as Apple, Apple suddenly falls short. The products cost many times more and they’re not as easy to use, requiring visits to special stores — and extra warranties.

If these two new iPhone 5 models are all that Apple has, Google will then crush Apple in the coming months.

At the time of publication, the author was long GOOG and AAPL,and short MSFT.

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2012 & Beyond :: SEO Search engine optimization will never be the same ratings

SEO search engine optimization will never be the same again

rel =  2012 & Beyond :: SEO Search Engine Optimization will never be the same again On 11 February 2011 Google dropped a bomb on the SEO community when they released the Panda update. Panda is designed to remove low quality content from search engine results pages. The surprise for many, some of the big names of the sacrifices of the update.

On 24 April 2012, Google went in for the kill when they released the Penguin update. A few SEOs who believe have been in business for a long time was the carnage that this update “cau



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Essential Social Media Tools

Essential Social Media Tools

submission pages on social media sites is a time consuming job. It can be annoying if you have a large item, please return to get some time to

If you want to be an active member of the social media system, then you are probably a few. Your important information and links with Some of the latest Instant Messenger MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, and AOL.

StumbleUpon Toolbar

The ease of use and the toolbar is what separates those of others. StumbleUpon With the Stumble Upon toolbar, you can easily. To any page that you see, plus there are many other features such as sharing files or links with friends and stumble favorites from other customers just a thumbs up or down After you install this toolbar you be willing to accept a strong profile, create while spending. No additional time for normal use of the Internet

Shareholic is a kind of extension that is created to be easy interaction. It offers the possibility to choose, or select the pages you see, it contains a number of different media sites and you can even e-mail pages to friends.

By identifying, gaining the most attention to what issues you are. Access to content, attractive and informative Social Media Clients Google Trends to create a

If you want to attract a large number of traffic from social media, then you need a host that can be easily handled quickly surges.

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Tackling Social Media in 2012

Tackling Social Media in 2012

Since the new year always brings new beginnings, perhaps think a new social media program next year to boot? They are ready to take the next step with social media and begin addressing Facebook fans, Tweeps, blogs, monitoring, tracking, etc.

not sure where to start? Mashable has compiled a list of more than 150 social media resources for companies that offer a wealth of tips and advice from social media representatives in different organizations.

Here are a few key takeaways:

of “Why You Need to Monitor and measure your brand on social media “:

” Social Media is like the biggest cocktail party in the world. “Social media monitoring is important. People are out there talking about your products and your company, and if you’re not paying attention, do not you know what they say about you.

of “6 Essential Steps to implement social media strategy”:

Keep the overview of who post. Identify who is responsible for this comment on the “voice” of the company’s social media channels and outline guidelines for what to publish what, what, how often and how. Too many voices can lead to confusion.

This is especially important if you are posting multiple channels such as Twitter, Facebook and a company blog, is. The messaging and voice should be consistent between the channels.

of “HOW TO: Build A Twitter Strategy for Your Business”

Define your Twitter strategy set goals and measure them

Take the time to check what people are saying about your brand and other brands on Twitter. Articulate what you achieve on Twitter and how you want to pursue your goals. It is helpful to get a calendar to describe so that you may reduce the frequency and topics of your tweets.

of “Why Twitter is a big win for small businesses”:

would follow people who are interested in your products or services are. Take time and listen and feel the need to say what you are, and not try to jump all at once.

It is important that the strategic who you are and for how you both benefit from the relationship. eg You can Mail that you think would be informative or helpful to your community, and vice versa.

And from my own experience at Cookerly I can say that is the monitoring and implementation of social media a very dynamic process. Do not be afraid from time to time to check your program and changes here and there. But the most important thing is to keep an eye catching, and easy to keep learning and listening. Yes, you can see the amount of data can be overwhelming. But if you get a feel for what once to obtain about your brand, you can support informed decisions about marketing and business objectives.

develop monitoring and tracking tools, processes streamlined. Remember, you always need a human mind behind it to make sense of all the information and how this knowledge can benefit your organization. It is worth more than you know. best wishes for social media success in 2012!

Cookerly and since joining in 2006, Ada Hatzios media relations, strategic planning, event planning and writing support for various clients in the legal, consumer products, healthcare, financial services, hospitality property. They improved visibility for their customers by securing stories in publications USA Today and BusinessWeek the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Hotel Design . For more information, please visit: http / /

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How To Get Any Business to the top of Google Places and Google Local Search Listed – The Ultimate Google Places Formula

As for any company at the top of Google Places and Google Local Search, Get Listed – The Ultimate Google Places Formula

As for any company in the top of Google Places and Google Local Search, Get Listed - The Ultimate Google Places Formula Use this accelerated formula for any business on Google Places (formerly Google Maps know) to get listed, also known as Google Local and Rocket Your Places listing up and then bulletproof your entry for a long time ranking power.

Take advantage of the new customers Google Local Search can bring you (or your customers if you are a local SEO company). by a professionally optimized Google Places listing for your business

What are top local search rankings worth t



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Mobile App Development for Social Media

Mobile App Development calls Social Media today for new business marketing strategy and planning. Social media is proving to be a powerful tool in business. To facilitate many of the social media sites, the company advertising, promotions, branding, marketing, campaigns, product launches, etc. make on their websites with the appropriate tools and very interactive way.
“Social networking is becoming the essence of our life and our most important news will now take place on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

for social networking sites, it is not only to move closer to your

More interesting information about mobile application development and visit

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HTC Pure and Tilt 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 Support

HTC Pure and Tilt 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 Support

AT & T and HTC have just the HTC Tilt 2 and HTC Pure, two Windows Mobile 6.5 OS smartphone runs on the global market introduced. Let’s take an in-dept look at these two new smartphones, as follows:

HTC Pure is a successor to the Touch Diamond is a larger, higher-resolution developed (480-by-800 pixels) screen and a 5-megapixel camera. Meanwhile, the Tilt 2 a spiritual successor to the popular, two generations old QWERTY has the AT & T Tilt HTC is also designed features. In addition, the slope is 2 now consists of a 3.6-inch touchscreen and a 3.2-megapixel camera. Both smartphones feature HTC TouchFLO 3D interface, which includes a smooth surface for basic tasks like browsing the web, managing contacts and music. Windows Mobile 6.5 is an update with a direct upgrade to the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile app store with Microsoft My Phone service. The HTC Pure is free to sell to AT & T stores for $ 149.99 with a two-year contract, while the Tilt 2 is $ 299.99 with contract.

AT & T and HTC have just the HTC Tilt 2 and the HTC Pure running, two Windows Mobile 6.5 OS smartphones

long rumored versions of ubiquitous HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 were finally made official for AT & T

HTC PURE has a 3.2-inch WVGA screen , a five-megapixel auto-focus camera with video capture, gravity sensor, light sensor, and so on

The Tilt 2 now consists of a 3.6-inch touchscreen and a 3.2-megapixel Camera

Both the PURE and Tilt 2 will have different TouchFLO 3D interface with the Tilt 2 and has a great QWERTY keyboard

HTC Tilt 2 from


Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Mobile 6.5 is an update with a direct upgrade to the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile app store with Microsoft My Phone service

style =

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Apple products outweighed Microsoft

Apple I-Phone The Perfect Entertainment Package

“> Apple phones – Phones with latest technology

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Search engine optimization for dummies Austin

search engine optimization for dummies Austin

The spring season is the perfect time for your business, for new techniques of advertising and marketing. Search engine optimization is a common means of online marketing, but is able to compete with so many websites, your business needs more. You want to make sure you attract the right customers. If a kite company in Tucson administration then you want customers from Tucson to find you, a buyer in Chicago. Geo-targeting with search engine optimization is the key to reaching your local shoppers. Geo-targeting can be a challenge, and you have enough to work with your company without adding internet marketing to manage your list of tasks. Fortunately, there are

ActiveWeb Marketing offers sophisticated online marketing methods to companies in non-competing industries or sectors.

ActiveWeb experts can market your business locally, employs geo-marketing, so that you can. Able to local customers, you must ActiveWeb uses a unique combination of geo-marketing, search engine optimization, social networking and e-mail to get your business to the top of search engine ranking positions. In fact, ActiveWeb for your business to the first page of Google search guaranteed to the rankings. You have probably searched on Google, so you already know how important it is to be on the first page. ActiveWeb will help you to a successful world-wide-web campaign without wasting revenue on print ads that are never read, or could by advertising to people who are not in your neighborhood. ActiveWeb offers various service packages that fit any business budget

For more information visit:.

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