Marketing your business Quick Start Challenge!

With the influx of so many avenues of marketing, manyMountian business owners are asking themselves where do I begin?  They are paralyzed by indecision. It runs true in every business, including my own.  Google made over 500 changes to their algorithms in 2013 alone.  I am constantly searching for new and better ways to get my clients more clients. As a result, I neglect my business.  I decided to join a coaching program to help me help others.  Last evening was the first in a series of coaching calls from Dean Holland and “The Quick Start Challenge” program.  I was skeptical at first, but soon found that he had encountered some of the same problems that I have and overcame them.  He is honest and straightforward.  I feel positive about the first call and am looking forward to the next.  I will keep you updated as to the progress I make in this personal journey for my business.  The big lesson from last night was: pick a project and get it going!  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You can fix it after it is finished.  The journey to climbing a mountain begins with the first step!  If any of you would like to “Challenge” yourselves for your business, I will be happy to help.  Please add your comments!

12 Comments on “Marketing your business Quick Start Challenge!

  1. Your blog looks totally awesome! I hope we get the chance to help each other. I have learned alot from reading your posts. Thank you for the great content. People helping people. That’s what its all about. Lisa

  2. Hi Steve,

    Glad to have you in Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge.

    When it comes to getting started online, we all faced the same problem.

    Not knowing where to start, how to start and who to trust.

    One thing I do learn after doing internet marketing for 4 years now is that you do not need to know or buy every course or tool to get started online.

    What you need are just 2 things.

    1. The right system and

    2. The right mentor.

    And Dean’s Quick Stsrt Challenge is the best example of both.

    Wish you success online and if you have any problems that are not addressed in the webinar, you may contact me or any of us for help.

    We are all here to encourage and help one another succeed besides just learning from Dean.

  3. Hi

    I have to agree that the Quick Start Challenge is excellent. Most of us can relate to Dean’s story and it gives a lot of us hope and encouragement.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald

    • Thanks Sue for your comments and encouragement.

      I tried to leave a response on your blog, but did not see the “leave comment” link. If you could tell me, I would be happy to return the favor.

      Here is to a successful journey!


  4. Yes indeed Steve the quickstart Challenge is showing a lot of potential for us to become successful keep it up and I hope to see you on the other side 🙂

  5. Steve:

    It seems that many of us suffer from the same problem of neglecting our own business although your reason of helping clients is a lot better than mine of being unfocused with a lack of discipline. Hopefully we will both do better with this challenge.


    • Thanks for you comments Jeff. It helps when we have others to help motivate us to move forward. I’m thinking that Dean’s Challenge is working so far.

      Here’s to a successful journey.


    • Thank you for the comments Shane. Sorry for the delay in response, I was on vacation with no internet or phone for a week. I am looking forward to this challenge! Wishing you the best.


  6. Hi Steve: I agree with everything you’ve said, Dean Holland is certainly giving very generously of his time and talents. That first week’s prize was killer.

    I have the perfection virus and it has held me back until now! With the Quick Start Challenge I am committed to seeing it through and pushing through my own ceilings.

    I wish you every success on your journey.☺

    • Thanks for your comments Sherry. Sorry for the delay in response, I was on vacation with no internet or phone for a week. It was terrible and GREAT! I was catching up with clients yesterday and just now responding to my blog. Thanks for the well wishes and I am wishing you success with your journey as well. Here is looking to establishing good friendships along the way.


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