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Hello everyone.  I’m sorry that I missed you last week…..  actually I’m not too sorry.  I was away on vacation on a beach with very limited phone and internet.  It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.  Never the less, I’m here again and completing my Quick Start Challenge assignment.

As I said in the video, for those who watched, I am working on two processes to drive traffic to my local blog.  This first is caled the Signature Traffic process and the second is called the Blog Hop porcess.  They are very similar because they require me to get involved with either Forums or other Blogs.  If done correctly, I will contribute to discussions and therefore have people want to know more or at least check out who I am and thus bring traffic to my blog.  If done incorrectly, I could get banned by the fourms or blogs.  I prefer to work a little harder and do things the correct way.

Take care and I’ll see you next time.

2 Comments on “Quick Start Challenge Video Post

  1. Hi Steve
    You have caught up on the video section of QSC – well done.
    You have made a good video with outreach to new customers.

    I am interested in the offline niche that you are serving and will be in touch via your email with some more questions.

    Trust that you will benefit greatly from being part of QSC.

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