Tackling Social Media in 2012

Tackling Social Media in 2012

Since the new year always brings new beginnings, perhaps think a new social media program next year to boot? They are ready to take the next step with social media and begin addressing Facebook fans, Tweeps, blogs, monitoring, tracking, etc.

not sure where to start? Mashable has compiled a list of more than 150 social media resources for companies that offer a wealth of tips and advice from social media representatives in different organizations.

Here are a few key takeaways:

of “Why You Need to Monitor and measure your brand on social media “:

” Social Media is like the biggest cocktail party in the world. “Social media monitoring is important. People are out there talking about your products and your company, and if you’re not paying attention, do not you know what they say about you.

of “6 Essential Steps to implement social media strategy”:

Keep the overview of who post. Identify who is responsible for this comment on the “voice” of the company’s social media channels and outline guidelines for what to publish what, what, how often and how. Too many voices can lead to confusion.

This is especially important if you are posting multiple channels such as Twitter, Facebook and a company blog, is. The messaging and voice should be consistent between the channels.

of “HOW TO: Build A Twitter Strategy for Your Business”

Define your Twitter strategy set goals and measure them

Take the time to check what people are saying about your brand and other brands on Twitter. Articulate what you achieve on Twitter and how you want to pursue your goals. It is helpful to get a calendar to describe so that you may reduce the frequency and topics of your tweets.

of “Why Twitter is a big win for small businesses”:

would follow people who are interested in your products or services are. Take time and listen and feel the need to say what you are, and not try to jump all at once.

It is important that the strategic who you are and for how you both benefit from the relationship. eg You can Mail that you think would be informative or helpful to your community, and vice versa.

And from my own experience at Cookerly I can say that is the monitoring and implementation of social media a very dynamic process. Do not be afraid from time to time to check your program and changes here and there. But the most important thing is to keep an eye catching, and easy to keep learning and listening. Yes, you can see the amount of data can be overwhelming. But if you get a feel for what once to obtain about your brand, you can support informed decisions about marketing and business objectives.

develop monitoring and tracking tools, processes streamlined. Remember, you always need a human mind behind it to make sense of all the information and how this knowledge can benefit your organization. It is worth more than you know. best wishes for social media success in 2012!

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