What are the 5 Best Advertising Ideas for Next Year?

Online advertising has become the key for any successful business owner. There are many options to choose.  Which should you be spending your advertising dollars on?  I could not agree more with Josh Nadeau of Genuineseo.net about the next 4 ideas, but the 5th idea is so often overlooked and the least expensive.

1. Google Adwords – Not the cheapest alternative to print advertising, it is by far the most efficient way to spread the word about your small business. Google is the number one source for most people looking for what they need.  Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find common keywords and phrases that will fine tune your advertisement and get you targeted traffic to your business website.



2. Bing or Microsoft Advertising – Second best to Google is Bing, which is run by Microsoft.  Bing has been fighting strong to catch up to Google. They have teamed up with Facebook to be their search engine and they have mounted an advertising campaign to boost their presense.  You can utilize this push by getting a great amount of advertising for a little less money than what you would pay with Google Adwords.  The traffic is a bit more limited, but you can still get good results.


3. BuySellAds – While advertising on search engines will no doubt give your sales a boost, you may be surprised to know that there are other more direct advertising methods that can give you great results on a much tighter budget. BuySellAds allows you to purchase ad space on popular blogs and websites in the form of banners and icons spread throughout the site. This provides a suprisingly big bang for you buck as you can arrange to pay a set fee per month as opposed to pay per click.



4. Facebook Ads – Facebook offers a pay per click advertisement program which engages Facebook users based on the credentials you specify. One of the best reasons to use Facebook Ads is the ability to target specific age groups, categories and similar likes. This ensures you always receive targeted traffic and maximize your conversions.



5. Word of Mouth /Referral and Repeat Customer marketing is The BEST and least expensive form of advertising.  The cost of acquiring a new customer is 6 to 7 times more than keeing and existing client.  By providing a wonderful experience for your clients, not only will they come back, they will tell their friends, family, and anyone they see.  



More advertising opportunities will become available in time.  Some will be real game changers in the advertising world. Until then, these advertisement ideas should be on the top of your list for establishing a presence in today’s market.


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